June 20th, 2021

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Natalya vs. Mandy Rose

Back from a break and Jimmy Smith welcomes us to ringside. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Out first for tonight’s Kickoff match is Mandy Rose with Dana Brooke. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions are out next – Natalya with Tamina Snuka. We got a look back at the two teams brawling on RAW.

The bell rings and they go at it. Rose mounts some offense early on and sends Natalya throat-first into the rope. Rose keeps control for a quick pin attempt. Rose drops Natalya with a chop for 2. Rose grounds Natalya with body scissors now. Natalya turns the scissors around and mounts Rose with lefts and rights. Rose tries for some sort of modified Guillotine while on the mat. Natalya powers out but Rose stays on her.

Rose pounds on Natalya some more and applies a standing submission as Brooke cheers her on. Natalya reverses the submission on their feet, talking trash while tightening the hold. Rose with a reversal of her own, still on their feet. Natalya with some of her signature moves now but Rose kicks out at 2.

Rose goes to the top but Natalya rocks her. Rose kicks Natalya to the mat and then nails a missile dropkick for a 2 count. Natalya blocks a double underhook, rolling her for 2. Natalya comes right back with a clothesline for 2. Natalya shows some frustration now as does Tamina at ringside. Rose back-slides Natalya for 2. Rose comes right back with a big knee strike to the face but Natalya kicks out. Rose shows more frustration now. Natalya catches a kick and they trade counters. Natalya rolls Rose for 2, Rose rolls her right back up.

Natalya ends up with an arm bar but Rose resists and gets the bottom rope to break it. More back and forth now. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter and gets it locked in. Rose taps out for the submission win.

Winner: Natalya

After the match, Natalya stands tall as her music hits. We go to replays. Natalya and Tamina stand tall together with the titles as Brooke helps Rose out of the ring.

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