May 15th, 2018

Becky Lynch def. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to qualify for the Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match.
Becky Lynch, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville do battle to fight for one of the few remaining spots in the Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match. The match begins with Lynch looking strong, a strike to both Deville & Rose and then tosses Mandy out of the ring. After an impressive showing, Mandy is back in the ring and she helps out her friend Sonya Deville, as she’s being weakened down by Lynch. The two deliver an aggressive beat down to Becky. She attempts to retaliate, but Mandy is able to deliver an impressive looking slam, followed by a knee to the midsection from Deville. Mandy and Sonya stand tall, before Mandy betrays Deville, with a roll up attempt that achieves a one count. The two argue before the match cuts to commercial.

After returning from commercial, Sonya is standing strong, both Mandy & Becky are down. The camera focuses on Sonya’s face portraying an intimidating expression, staring down at Rose. Rose rolls out of the ring while Deville and Lynch begin wrestling back and fourth until an impressive top rope knee strike from Deville, she attempts to pin Becky, but Mandy is back in the ring and able to remove Deville from the equation by tossing her out of the ring, Rose attempts to steal the pinfall from Deville’s offence but is only able to achieve a two count. Mandy gets up with Becky and attempts to deliver a suplex, but Becky is able to turn it into a cradle pin, and lands a one count. Rose attempts her signature bicycle knee strike, but Becky has the wherewithal to dodge it, and she catches Mandy by the arm, attempts her finishing move the Dis-Arm-Her, but Mandy is able to keep Becky on her feet long enough to place Becky in the corner turnbuckle before delivering a face smash into the pad. With Lynch dazed, The Golden Goddess is able to set up her finishing move, Bed of Roses. She goes to cover Becky, but Sonya is back in the ring and pulls Mandy away, before attempting to steal Mandy’s pinfall, similar to what Mandy attempted earlier in the match. She achieves a two count, then removes Mandy from the ring. Sonya and Becky begin fighting back and fourth again. Deville goes for a top rope suplex, before Mandy interrupts and catches Deville on her shoulders. Sonya attempts to break out by delivering strikes to Mandy’s skull. Lynch jumps off the top rope and kicks Mandy in the midsectio, and the three women are grounded. Lynch takes the opportunity and attempts to pin Mandy, and Mandy kicks out at two. The two, clearly groggy and tired begin trading back and forth forearms. Rose is able to get the upper hand and once again goes for her Bed of Roses finishing move. In the air, Lynch is able to bring herself back down to the ground, and then attempts to lock Rose in the Dis-Arm-Her, before Deville is able to break it up with a kick to Lynch’s chest. She then kicks Rose in the chest, and she rolls under the rope, then delivers a knee strike to Becky Lynch, pins her, and achieves a two count. Sonya then attempts to suplex Becky, but Becky is able to reverse it and try her own, but Deville lands on her feet. Out of nowhere, Mandy is able to come back with her signature bicycle knee, she aims for Becky but Lynch moves out of the way, and Mandy catches Sonya with the knee.
Lynch attempts to take advantage by rolling up Mandy, but Mandy is able to reverse it and roll Lynch up herself, she achieves a two count before Becky is able to reverse out and locks Rose in the Dis-Arm-Her, Mandy tries her hardest to get herself to the ropes, but she’s unsucessful and gives in, resulting in a tap out.

Becky Lynch advances to the Money In The Bank ladder match, but what could this mean for best friends Mandy & Sonya?

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