April 9th, 2018

Mandy Rose def. Sasha Banks- Raw 04/10/18

The match begins with Absolution already in the ring from commercials, Banks’ music hits and she makes her entrance. Just before Mandy & Sasha begin, Bayley’s music hits, both girls look confused and Bayley makes her entrance and stands in the corner of Sasha. The match starts, Rose quickly runs up towards Sasha & Sasha evades, sending Mandy out of the ring. Banks quickly meets Mandy with a baseball slide dropkick, sending her down to the ground before Sasha gets Mandy back in the ring. Both girls get up and Mandy attempts to hit The Boss with a clothesline, but Sasha ducks and runs the ropes, coming back to Rose and catching her with a lou thesz press. Sasha then places Mandy in the corner and Mandy meets a flurry of kicks to the face from The Boss. Quickly after Sasha hits a suplex transitions into a pin, Rose kicks out at the count of one. Sasha then locks Mandy into an armbar while both women are grounded, Rose begins retaliating but is thrown into the turnbuckle by Banks. As Sasha runs towards Mandy she meets an elbow to the face followed by a vicious hair whip to the ground. Mandy taunts to the crowd and exclaims “that’s right!” she then patronises The Boss, and grounds her with ease. Rose then brings Banks up and walks her towards the left turnbuckle, she attempts to use it to attack Sasha, but The Boss counters and Mandy is made to taste the turnbuckle, Sasha begins smacking Rose’s face into the turnbuckle multiple times before Banks taunts her frenemy watching on from ringside. Mandy then grabs Sasha by the waist and throws her face first into the middle turnbuckle. Mandy then shows us a new innovative move, she brings Banks to her feet, lifts her into a wheelbarrow position and then drops her right on the top rope. Rose taunts the crowd once again and it cut’s to commercial.

When we return from commercials and Mandy is looking dominant & has Sasha in her signature modified abdominal stretch. Paige & Sonya Deville begin taunting the crowd to get them behind Mandy, but The Boss quickly brings the submission attempt to an end and hits Mandy with a hip toss. Once Mandy is on her feet she attempts a forearm to Sasha, but Sasha retaliates with a flurry of punches of her own, followed by repeated clotheslines, and then a dropkick to Mandy. Mandy brings herself towards the corner, stands up & Sasha attempts her signature corner knee strike, but Rose counters and brings Sasha over the top rope, Sasha catches herself on the apron and connects a knee to the face of Rose. Sasha then climbs the top rope and meets Rose with a diving attack which floors her, Banks goes for a pin and achieves a two count before Mandy kicks out. Mandy rolls to the outside. Banks exits the ring and brings Mandy to her feet, and she’s quickly met by an elbow smash delivered by Rose. Mandy then turns around and pushes Bayley for no apparent reason, with the ref distracted by Deville and Paige, Bayley attempts to attack Rose, but she ducks and Bayley catches Sasha instead. Rose then gets back into the ring while Bayley apologises to Sasha on the outside. With the ref counting Sasha out, she gets back in the ring too, distracted by Bayley she is quickly connected with a signature Bicycle Knee from Rose. This takes down The Boss, and gives Mandy the opportunity to attempt a pin. Rose successfully pins The Boss for the three count. She celebrates with her Absolution partners, Paige & Sonya… but is it for the final time? After the match, Paige unfortunately announces her retirement, but Rose and Deville walk backstage without a word.

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